Dana Ohana is the face of Big.consulting, the place for you to learn about building your brand on social media marketing

It is all about building your personal brand!

Are you looking on building your personal brand by using social media marketing?


If you answered yes, before we start it is important for you to understand what is a brand?


A brand is a story!


And you are the BRAND! 


Each and every one of us have a story to share, a story who got us to where we are today, who built us and made us the person we are. So firstly ask yourself what is your story?
What is the story behind your brand?


A brand is what identifies you, and, most often that is the perception of what others think of you. It is not about what we tell people and who we are, the story we tell them, but rather the perception we create in the mind of others, in the mind of our audience on platforms such as social media but not only there… In all of our marketing activities.  

To help you found out what is your story, the one we want to share with our audience on platforms such as social media, you firstly need to find out what is your WHY? 
Find out why you do what you do? The reason behind your decision?


Building your brand by using social media marketing can be very easy, but we also need to remember that building our brand is an ongoing project and not a once off project. Therefore, we constantly need to work on building our own personal brand by using the different social media platforms and on other marketing tools.

So if you want to learn how you can work on building your personal brand on social media and do it by yourself, the solution is easy. Reach out to me to book your session or join Big Brander Online Learning Academy to get all the tools you need so you can start your brand building journey and create a strong online brand. So check out my social media marketing


Before you start working on building your brand on social media, you need to follow the first step which is to have a clear definition of your target audience. From there we move to the next step, which is discovering your brand story that going to help you define your key message. Once you have defined your key message it is time to package it with your brand identity.

Once you’ve completed the first part, it is time to move to the next part which is to share your story.

But how do you share it and where…?

Now is the part you want to choose the right marketing platforms and have a clear strategy and plan for you to follow. Doing so going to help you with:

  • Brand Awareness
    Find more business leads
  • Build relationships
  • Generate leads
  • Social media is one of the marketing platforms you can use to grow your business.
Dana Ohana is the face of Big.consulting, the place for you to learn about building your brand on social media marketing

To help you benefit the most from the use of it make sure:

  • You choose the right social media platforms – there are so many but not all of them are the right places for you to share your content.
  • Have a clear message – focus on the problem and not on the solution.
  • Choose the right content strategy.
  • Focus on creating quality content that your audience find as valuable and helpful.
  • Focus on creating content and engaging with your audience so you can build relationships with them. You need to remember that people buy from people, they buy from those who they trust and have a strong connection with.
Think outside the box
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If you want to learn how to become a BIG BRANDER:

  • Learn how you can be building your own personal brand by using social media marketing.
  • How to build a strong online brand by yourself by using social media marketing and other marketing tools .
  • Learn how you to grow your business. 


In Big Brander online learning academy you will find different online courses on different topics related to social media marketing, brand building and other important marketing topics.


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Big.Consulting by Dana Ohana is the place for you to learn about building your brand on social media. Welcome to Big Brander online learning academy.
Dana Ohana the face of Big.Consulting, the place for you to learn about building your brand on social media marketing

who am i

Dana Ohana

Israeli who relocated to South Africa almost 9 years ago, comes with 15 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relations in South Africa and abroad.


Dana Ohana, is a brand building and social media consultant and trainer.


Dana have a B.A degree in Communications & Management and a M.B.A master’s degree in Business Management with a Major in marketing & advertising.


Social media and community management expert who specialise in brand building. With Big.Consulting you will learn how to build your brand by building a community for your audience and by using social media and other marketing tools.


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Welcome to Big Brander podcast with Dana Ohana, the place to become a big brander. On the different episodes I’m going to simplify social media marketing and tips on building your own personal brand, those tips going to help you in your journey as entrepreneur and as a business owner. 

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