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‘Think Big. Do Big. Be Big. Consulting’ was founded in 2018 by Dana Ohana, with 10 years of experience in Marketing and Public Relation in South Africa and abroad. I have B.A degree in Communications & Management and M.B.A master's degree in Business Management/ Major in marketing & advertising.


Our main goal is to share the knowledge and help small businesses to unlock their full potential.

If you are looking to grow your business, we will guide you and be with you all the way.




How to build a BRAND in
6 simple detailed steps 


Branding don't belong to companies only, they belong to each and every one of us!

Join Big.Consulting to learn:
- The importance of building a strong brand.
- How to build a brand in 6 detailed steps.
- How to define your target audience and brand promise.
- The importance of design in building your brand.
- Why it is important to keep your brand promise.

Build a strong brand to help you grow your business and keep your clients / customers with you for the long run.


Course duration: 1 hour 




Build a marketing and strategy plan in 5 simple steps


Planning is the key for success! When you plan right you can
save hours of doing! 

Join Big.Consulting to learn:
- How to define your business strategy.
- Set up goals.
- Set up objectivies. 
- The difference between goals to objectivies. 
- Build your marketing strategy, the tactics. 
- What is ROI and KPI and why to you need them. 


Course duration: 1 hour 




Create and win business opportunities in 8 simple detailed steps


It's up to you to create the business opportunity, don't miss it out! Cause if you going to miss it that means someone else will take it instead! 

Join Big.Consulting to learn:
- How to define your target audience and understand them.
- Where you can find your target audience.  
- Using the perfect message 
- Howto create business opportunities. 
- How to close the deal and win. 

Course duration: 1 hour 




Our services





Business Coaching Workshop

We offer coaching sessions for groups and individuals. 

You will learn the following:

- How to build your business strategy
- How to build your business brand
- Where to find business opportunities and how to win them
- Social media appearance & customer relationship


Marketing & Strategy Plan

Outsourced Marketing Manager

"Strategy without process is little more than a wish list." 
Robert Filek

Strategy is a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.

After you learned what is marketing and how to build your business brand it's time to join us to learn more on how to build your business strategy: together we will set up your business goals, objectives to achieve these goals, find opportunities and be aware from the risks and decide on your approach.


As part of our services we provide a full marketing consultation to all of your marketing activities such as:

- Build your business strategy. 
- Digital marketing / Social media - learning your target audience and their behaviour. Consulting on all social media platforms, post content, images all in order to get more engagement and lead to more sales.
- Business opportunities: creating more business opportunities / collaborations to expose your brand to more people and increase sales. 
- Any other marketing topping your business will require. 



Graphic Design 

Web Design 


Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 3 - Part 1 

Podcast 3 - Part 2

Podcast 4

Podcast 5 - Part 1 

Podcast 5 - Part 2

Podcast 6

Podcast 7

Podcast 8

Our Weekly Podcast


Watch our weekly podcast together with Shift1Degree to learn more on what is personal development and how to market yourself and your business.

Every week we will have a discussion on different topics, our main theme is:
Should I start a business?

Podcast 9

Podcast 10

Podcast 11

"Hi Dana thank you for the 1 on 1 coaching sessions we had since February. What was once an idea is now a registered business with a logo. I will continue to recommend your services to friends who want to start their own business. Thank you for your patience."

"Big.Consulting are experts in the marketing field and always willing to assist no matter how big or small the task. Thank you for assisting with my company!  🙏"

"Big.Consulting Dana Ohana I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have spent helping me brand my new offshore business. Your ideas and professionalism during the process are second to none. I would have no reservations recommending your services to anyone looking to brand or re-brand their business. Dana is a marketing professional that adds so much extra that goes into the design phase and what your business is about. I look forward to maintaining a good working relationship with you in the future even if to bounce a few ideas with. Thank You from Nicholas de Vogel CEO Seahorse International Resources Ltd (Seychelles)"



Thank you for your interest in Think Big. Do Big. Be Big. Consulting.

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Think Big. Do Big.  Be Big. Consulting 
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